Thriving in Uncertainty – Part 1

People tend to want certainty. They want predictability. It’s human nature, or so we’re told.

But I was not made for life in the harbor. Neither were you. Our soul was built for the storm. We should be so comfortable in the storm, that we can sleep in it. (Matthew 8:24)

When the storm clouds gather and national uncertainty erupts, I feel like a horse in an outdoor stall, about ready to run at the fence and jump!

I want to run into the storm! Not because I’m foolish. But something about the storm quickens my spirit. I sense God’s presence in the storm and I love it!

My first hurricane experience came when I was in Hawaii in 1979. I was thrilled when the broadcast came over the hotel radio that a hurricane was offshore. I inquired as to where the worst of the storm would be, rented a car and drove into the storm.

Less than 24 hours before the storm made landfall, the Pacific waves were bigger than any I had ever seen.

So I went swimming.

That was the day I discovered a thing I had never heard of before. It’s called a “rip tide”, a strong offshore current that pulls you out to sea.

And it carried me out to sea faster than I could swim towards shore. And the waves just got bigger and bigger.

At first it was fun, until I realized there was no getting back to shore. To the folks on shore, I was just a dot in the ocean. Unrecognizable. Unknown. Unheard.

Fortunately I remembered Psalm 34:17 “The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears. And delivers them out of all their troubles.”

I was too far out for people on shore to hear me, but God is always near, just waiting for us to call on Him for help.

When I did, He sent a series of smaller, manageable waves that I could body surf towards shore. And He saved me. Again.

Fast forward to February 1st 2020, a month before anyone in America lost their life to this Corona virus. My wife Judy and I were on a road trip when God showed me what I would describe as a video clip. (See my blog posted 02-02-2020) Some might call it a vision.

But what I saw that day was a lifeless field of dirt that quickly came to life with green shoots springing up over the entire field. It was a picture of the world, particularly America and how the fields looked barren and lifeless, but had the seeds of the gospel buried in them.

And they were about to germinate. And that can only happen when the seed absorbs water and experiences heat. Water is a type of the Word or message (Eph 5:26) and heat could very likely be fiery trials (1 Peter 4:12). Seeds experience both in the Spring and what I saw February 1st is just beginning to unfold in America and around the world.

For the vast majority of Americans, the virus will not touch their life. Not directly. For those it touches, the vast majority will recover quickly.

Still, it brings indescribable sadness when a life is lost. It’s always an irreplaceable life. An unbearable loss. So I am not minimizing the pain being experienced by many.

For most Americans however, the biggest threat is the unknown. The “what ifs”. When uncertainty casts its dark shadow over the land, I tell you, rejoice.

The reason uncertainty exists is because something is changing and we don’t know what’s coming.

But I do. Not precisely. But enough to get really excited about it.

While many are predicting massive casualties and total destruction, even the beginning of the end, I am here to tell you we are just approaching the END OF THE BEGINNING.

That roaring sound you hear… is the Lord calling legions of angels to attention for their next big assignment. He is about to unleash a storm of unprecedented proportion, but it’s not a storm of judgment. Not yet.

It’s a storm of His presence, where there are flashes of lightning and peals of thunder and… voices (the sounds of uttered words) Revelation 4:5


Yes! He is coming TO His own – before He comes FOR His own. And when God walks, there is always thunder and lightning. And there is always a message.

God the Father is calling America back to Himself. His voice will be louder and stronger than ever before. Millions will be swept into the kingdom. And He is going to use your voice and mine to get this done.

We are the voice!

You see, there is still a job for the church to do. So God is about to recruit a whole new breed of believers so He can reach the world.

The harvest is plentiful. Huge in fact. But the laborers are few. So God is going to recruit a ton of workers. New converts. And they will have a fire in their belly like few have seen. And they will bring in the biggest harvest ever seen in human history.

And right now, God is calling you. And me. To be the voice that brings in this harvest of seeds that have long been planted but not yet germinated.

Someone you don’t know planted those seeds. It is your voice and mine that will water those seeds with the message. And God will give the increase. (1 Cor. 3:7)

And they will multiply like few have ever imagined.

Think of it. One grain of wheat easily produces eight or more heads with over 40 grains per head. That one grain of wheat can literally bring forth 320 grains of wheat (or more).

Are you ready to be one of those individual seeds that will bring forth a few hundred grains who will in turn bring the biggest harvest to the Lord, the world has ever seen?

There’s more. Listen up…

America is going to have a time of prosperity like we’ve never seen. Not this week, but very soon. It will turn to the good and when it does, it will turn hard.

Live in fear and uncertainty and you will miss it.

Live in expectation with eyes wide open and you will see it.

Live in His presence, discerning His voice and you will have it.

But know this, the having is not to make your life luxuriant while the world goes to Hell.

It is to deploy in manifold ways, even very unique and unprecedented ways to call out this generation and invite them to be reconciled to God.

Everyone wants that. Most just don’t know it. It’s our job to tell them, to invite them, to love them, to reach them, to reconcile them to their Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

And this will be done through so many means. Some will be in the next big wave of missionaries being sent around the world. Others will reach the masses through personal one-on-one witness.

Many will reach those lost souls, through the internet, the airwaves or even through technology we don’t yet possess. Think of them as your brother or sister, son or daughter that have yet to be adopted into the family.

It is coming my friends. Get excited. Get very excited.

The best is yet to come!

And be watching for my next message.

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Until next time,

Be fruitful and multiply!