Get Ready…

Judy and I were driving across Florida yesterday (Feb 1, 2020), and she had her Bible open reading Scripture to me. We were bouncing off each other sharing the things the Lord was quickening to us.

It was then as I was driving down the interstate on cruise control (at an undisclosed speed), that I saw something in the Spirit

I could see a large field and it was well cultivated with good soil but nothing growing yet.

One might think it was a barren field, but under the surface, (laying dormant), were the seeds of the gospel that had been sown for many years but had never germinated.

No one even knew there were seeds in the field, or who had planted them.  

And then I saw something happen, the implications of which stagger the mind…

From out of the depths of the barren field, there came green shoots of a fresh crop. Looked like grass. Could have been wheat. 

The whole field began to turn green. It was beautiful. It was like watching time lapse photography as the field transitioned from the end of winter to well into Springtime. 

No one expected it.

Here’s the interpretation…

The heat is going to get turned up. (That’s what happens in the Spring.) It will greatly accelerate the germination of those seeds.
And like all seeds that germinate, they will reach towards the sun (Son). 

And you will be shocked.

You had no idea the seeds of the gospel were laying dormant in their hearts. 

You thought the seed you planted landed on hard ground.
After all, they were not living for God. In fact, there was nothing about their life that would make you think they would be receptive to the gospel.

But those seeds have been planted, out of sight from the birds of the air, seemingly out of reach of the influence of heat and water.


Get ready… the heat is coming. So is the rain. 
We are going to see entire fields bring forth a crop of sons and daughters to our King!

And it’s going to happen quickly and in unison, much like you see when a field begins to yield its crop. As Jesus said, “First the blade, then the head, after that the full grain in the head.”

We are about to see “the blades” break through all over! 
And as sure as that happens, it will be followed by the head and the full grain in the head. These tender blades will mature. They will transform the landscape. They will fulfill their purpose.

And then…

As Jesus continued… “But when the grain ripens, immediately he puts in the sickle, because the harvest has come.
And we will witness the greatest harvest of our lifetime.

Spread the word. It’s coming!

Blessings,Michael Q. Pink

P.S. For those of you who were able to attend the Joseph Calling webinar with Os Hillman on Thursday and want to enroll in his course, today is the last day to claim the special bonuses he offered. 

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