What a Tree Will Teach You About Business…

This morning as the sun arose above the towering pines, filtering between gently waving palms, I sat in awe of God’s creation. As the sunlight flickered toward the yearning magnolia, her flowers began to dance in the breeze and released a joyful fragrance too beautiful for words.

Magnolia Blossom

Noticing the dew heavy on the grass, I placed my chair where I wouldn’t get my feet wet. As I began to praise my Lord for His magnificent creation and the great refreshing it brings to my soul, I waited for Him to speak. He did.

Fresh grass with dew drops close upIt seemed like an odd thing to me what He spoke, but He has revealed many mysteries to me in this manner. Today would be no different. He told me to learn about the “dew”. The “dew”?!?!?! You want me to learn about the “dew”? Before I tell you about the dew, I must give you some context…

For the last week or two I have spent many of my free hours looking at trees. In particular, the magnificent magnolia outside my window, because trees are an incredible working model of a business. In Scripture we find trees repeatedly being used as object lessons to portray truths, but in a practical sense the Scripture teaches that first of all, trees are for food (Gen 1:29) and for sheer enjoyment (Gen 2:9) and for building stuff (Gen 6:14, 1 Kings 5, etc).

A business is meant to supply us with those same things. First of all, a business is a source of provision (food). The better we tend it, the better it produces. Secondly, it can also provide a quality of life that rises above survival level to enjoyment. The Bible speaks in Gen 2:9 that some trees were made just for their beauty and we read often about palm trees that were merely decorative in nature. A business is meant to not only provide basic provision, but also enhance the quality and enjoyment of life. If yours is not doing that, you may be requiring too much too soon (Leviticus 19:23). Not that you have to wait three years before being sustained by it, but you will harm it if you demand too much, too early.

Vacation home made of logsThirdly, some trees are grown strictly for their use in building materials or for furniture, etc. With trees we build our homes, churches, barns, and many creature comforts. A business should be used to build a future that not only serves us, but others. A tree, my friends, is a living illustration of a business enterprise. We can learn much about business from a tree. In fact…

More than 20 years ago when faced with a tight financial situation, I went to the woods and the Lord asked me, “Where did the tree get its wood from?” I did not know. We get metal from the earth, but where exactly does wood come from?

In one test from an earlier century, botanists took a five pound tree, put it in a bucket with twenty pounds of dirt, placed it indoors with plenty of sunlight and watered it regularly. A year later, the tree weighed one hundred pounds and the dirt had only lost less than an ounce of weight. Where did the tree get the wood from?

He said when I find out where the tree gets its wood from I would understand how to get the riches in Heaven distilled into tangible form. (Phil 4:19) Such is the mystery and wonder of trees. It is the glory of God to conceal a matter… It is the glory of kings to search it out!

According to science text books, trees require exactly seven things to exist beginning with the seed, plus six more. What those things mean and how they apply to business and life are essential knowledge. Furthermore, a tree has seven major parts according to the science texts I have read. When you understand those, you will know better how to structure your business.

I am considering sharing these mysteries with you in two ways. The first method is through the snapshot found in any individual blog. The second will be the in-depth teaching done live, but recorded, to folks who are interested in the MPI Business Institute. The reason I don’t share it all with my blog readers is because not all my blog readers are interested in knowing how to build, grow and prosper a business. But if you are, be sure to visit this page and let me know of your interest.

I hope to tell you about the “DEW” in my next post. It blew me away!