Thriving in Uncertainty – Part 2

In the fog of the current “invisible war” we need facts and perspective.

On 9/11 we lost 2,996 citizens to a terrorist attack of unprecedented magnitude. It was shocking in its brutality and senselessness.

And Americans were understandably shaken to the core.

Today, we face a different kind of attack. Some call it Coronavirus. Others call it Covid-19 or the Chinese virus.

As of today, we have lost 114 precious lives in the U.S. to this virus. Experts predict that will rise notably in the coming weeks. But according to the CDC, from October 1, 2019 until March 7, 2020 (almost 23 weeks), there have been somewhere between 22,000 – 55,000 deaths caused by the common flu.

On the high end, that’s 2,984 deaths EVERY WEEK since flu season began. That’s like having one 9/11 every week for 23 weeks and counting.

And no one is concerned about that. It happens every flu season. I realize the coronavirus has a higher fatality rate and shouldn’t be ignored. It is a serious virus. But the worldwide reaction is disproportionate to the problem.

And it’s the reaction that’s tanking our entire economy. Restaurants and bars are closed. Professional sporting events, business and church conferences are all being canceled. Thousands and thousands of schools are closed.

The service, travel and hospitality businesses that are staying open are facing massive cancelations of scheduled reservations.

In short, there is a tremendous contraction taking place in almost every sector of our economy.

Now here’s the good news… It’s temporary!  

The economy is like an arrow in a bow. The bowstring is the potential for acceleration. The economy has been exceptionally strong, and right now, fear and uncertainty are pulling the bowstring back and the economy appears to be losing ground. In fact, it is.

But this coronavirus thing will turn a corner. It will recede. It will be a thing of the past. And once the people realize the virus threat is over, that bowstring holding the economy in its grip, will be released.

And we will enter a burst of recovery the likes of which we have never seen.

Think about the stock market… The Dow is down about 30%. Do you really think the companies that make up the Dow are suddenly worth 30% less?

They still have the same assets and production capabilities. When the bowstring is released, their share value will explode.

And some people will make a ton of money because they realize the market is artificially deflated and they know it will correct. So they are poised to jump back in – big time.

But I’m not an investment advisor and I don’t give investment advice. Just making practical observations.

I’m going to assume that many of you are either in sales, own a business or plan to do so in the near future. And whether you own stocks or not, your business must have a plan to weather this storm.

Storms come, but they always go. This storm will come to an end as well. And when it does, will you be licking your wounds or in a position of strength?

So here’s one thing you can do to get through the storm and come out much stronger than you ever imagined! Yesterday, I promised to share a business strategy that may astound you. It is highly effective at delivering exceptional returns if implemented in a slow or depressed economy.

But it’s not instant.

However, if you make this choice I’m about to tell you, your business could experience serious multiplication over the next 60 months.

I mentioned “facts” at the beginning of this posting. Well, here’s one for you…

According to a study done by McGraw-Hill Research, companies that maintained (or increased) their marketing throughout the 1981-82 recession saw an average sales growth of 275 percent over the next five years!

But those companies who cut their marketing saw paltry sales growth of only 19 percent over the next five years.

Did you catch that?

Companies that pressed in during the slowdown grew almost 15 times faster than companies who held back!

You see, the best time to advance is when everyone else is retreating. One of the 21 high growth factors I teach in Natural Law applied to business, is marketing, which is one of the first things companies cut when the economy tanks.

When folks cut back on advertising, they amplify the loss of business, and depending on the length of the contraction, they begin to shut their doors. Permanently.

That leaves more customers for you to reach out and serve.

If you’re in sales and have no control over a marketing budget, double up your sales efforts instead of retreating. Exude confidence. In this present (temporary) environment of fear and uncertainty, a confident man or woman will inspire confidence in others.

And, if they’re your prospect, they’re more likely to do business with you.

Remember, people spread fear and negativity with their mouth. And generally speaking, they reap negativity in return. Be the one who gets the perspective of the Lord who sees the end from the beginning and share that in your sphere of influence.

People are hungry for someone to give them hope that is both inspiring and achievable. Be that person.

This current pullback will end. It will hit a bottom. And I believe it will end quicker than expected and rebound with more ferocity than ever seen before.

Put yourself out there now! Don’t be one who pulls back. Spread hope and optimism, because there is good reason to do so.

And if you are limited from face to face interactions, this will be a great time to use Zoom or other platforms. Be the innovator, not the one standing on the sidelines.

While others are making excuses, be the one who is making hay while the sun shines. Maybe you’re thinking it doesn’t look particularly sunny right now.

But you’d be wrong.

Because the sun is always shining! It’s sometimes obscured by clouds or by the earth itself, but it is always shining.

Solomon said, “He who observes the wind will not sow, And he who regards the clouds will not reap.” (Ecc. 11:4) And if you don’t sow during uncertain times, you won’t be able to reap when certainty and stability returns.

Did you catch that?!?!?

Now is the time to sow. Yes, the wind is blowing, and it will most likely get worse before it gets better. But keep sowing. And you will reap a reward that will astound even you!

Until next time be fruitful and multiply and remember… The Best Is Yet To Come!

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