Powerful Testimony That Will Challenge You

Don’t back away…

Too often Christians back away from the Truth of Scripture because they saw or heard someone else misapply or inappropriately use Scripture for gain or manipulation, etc. The more prominent the misuse, the more believers back away from the Word. Sad but true.

Man Reading Bible By Lake

God’s Word is our lifeline! That is of course, if we recognize the Person who is the Word. When the Word of God becomes merely a textbook, a non-living word, from where we can build our theology, base our arguments and order our life, we have missed the point.

The difference between communing with the Word and letting the Word speak compared to studying the textbook called the Bible and even memorizing its content is the difference between eating a bowl of cereal and gaining its nutrients compared to eating the picture of the cereal on the front of the box! The latter leaves you hungry, unsatisfied and perhaps a bit grouchy.

Do you know the Word? (Hint: The Word is a Person – Jesus)

Jesus told the Bible scholars of His day that God’s Word was not abiding (living) in them. He went on to say, “You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; and these are they which testify of Me. But you are not willing to come to Me that you may have life.” (John 5:37 – 40) They knew the words on the page, but did not know the Word who became flesh. Had they communed with the Word of God like David, Isaiah and countless others, they would have recognized the Word when He became flesh.

When people reduce the Word of God to a formula instead of recognizing that every God breathed Word is an expression of God Himself, they run the risk of becoming a Bible scholar with no life in them, or worse – they abuse the Word for their gain, turning many away in the process.

My goal with you…

…Is to teach the incredible wisdom I have found embedded in Scripture, that came through the process of communing with the Word. I believe Joshua referred to it (as did others) as meditating on the Word. BUT, it goes deeper than that. I am always doing my best to reveal Jesus Christ and draw you into a deeper, more intimate walk with Him. Otherwise, what’s the point? I hope you will stay with me on the journey.

If you’ve got another 14 minutes, I think you will find this interview with Perry Atkinson of www.TheDove.us a source of encouragement as I share an example of when the Lord woke me in the middle of the night and spoke a Scripture to me and what happened when I took it literally the next morning. It illustrates the difference between reading the Bible as a mere textbook and learning to receive them spoken from God’s heart to yours.

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