The Lies We Believe Stunt Our Potential

All of us believe lies. If we knew which of the things we believed that were in fact false, we would stop believing them – or so you would hope. There are lies about ourselves, our worth, our potential, our problems, our past, etc that we believe, but are not true.

Elephant held back by small chain

You can stunt your potential…

What’s so insidious about the lies, besides the fact that we can’t see them, is that they are deeply embedded in our heart. At an intellectual level we may well disavow those lies and say we don’t believe them and be sincere, but if you want to know what you really believe, pay attention to what you do. It’s the action that tells the story. Sometimes the lie is so deeply embedded it has become part of us and we don’t realize it. As a result, we stunt our potential.

Lies we believe hold us back in much the same way elephants are held back in the circus.

When baby elephants are brought into the circus, a small rope is tied around their leg at one end and fastened to a stake or pole at the other to keep them from running away. As the elephant grows up however, eventually weighing several tons, they can easily pull away from the stake and go free.

The thing is though… they don’t.

They grew up believing the rope defined their freedom or lack thereof and as an adult elephant, as soon as they feel the tug of the rope, they give in. They accept the limits of the rope even though they no longer apply. What they believe about the rope and its strength to hold them back is a lie. In a similar way, the lies we believe, define what we believe about our potential and it goes undeveloped.

We act on what we deeply believe.

If that is a lie, we will produce bad fruit or no fruit at all. That’s the way pathogens affect plants. They rob them of fruitfulness and stunt their potential, eventually causing them to wither and die.

Ask those closest to you to speak truth to you, to help you expose the lies you believe and to affirm the truth they see in you. Don’t be defensive. Ask them for what they see to be your strengths, possibilities and potential along with your weaknesses. Ask them what they think holds you back.

Make it safe for them to tell you the truth and they will. The truth may be uncomfortable at first, but it will set you free and lead you to fruitfulness. The lies we believe are one type of four identified pathogens that keep us from reaching our potential. If you would like to read the book, (this came from Rainforest Strategy – The Planet’s Most Successful Business Strategy), and get a 4 part teaching series on DVD as a FREE bonus gift, check this out.