It’s Time To Build Your Platform…

I promised yesterday that I would be sharing hard evidence of how effective the models and principles found in Scripture are for those of you who are either in sales or find yourself needing to be more persuasive. Whether you’re in sales, in business or in ministry, learning the Biblical psychology of sales will be incredibly helpful to you.

Listen. I believe in a Biblical approach to sales and business. I also believe in results. Those two should not be, and in fact ARE NOT, mutually exclusive. Many have come to believe the adage that “nice guys finish last”. While it is true than many a nice guy has finished last, it is the obligation and responsibility of nice guys to finish at the top, not the bottom – without compromising their integrity.

Why is this important?

Because people who excel in any area, gain a platform and they can use that platform for good. Consider all those Hollywood elites and music moguls who use their platform to promote ideals that shred the fabric of decency. It’s also true of business tycoons and sports stars.

I want to help you gain a platform from which you can extend the footprint of the gospel and represent Jesus Christ to the world. He said, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me.” Are you ready to lift Him up? Look. Tuesday night I saw Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson on Fox’s Sean Hannity’s program. He brought and opened his bible and began to teach from it. You would have thought you were watching a Christian television program! Robertson was using his platform to spread the gospel.

Perhaps you already are lifting Him up.

Would you like more folks to see and hear you? Would you like to be noticed in such a way as to have a platform from which you can be an influence for good in our culture? Make sure you are registered here to receive the invite and announcements concerning the MPI Christian Business Institute.

Folks, we are living in an urgent hour. If you are called to the marketplace in any way, shape or form, may I suggest you stand on my shoulders and on the shoulders of others and learn how God’s Word and works can propel you to new heights? Seize the opportunity. Make the most of the time. Build your platform. To see just how effective this is, take a few minutes and listen to this example…