Looking For Greener Grass? Don’t Make This Mistake!

A common mistake people make is asking for territory or more ground to expand their business when they aren’t doing a great job with what territory they already have. You don’t need 40 acres if you’re not being effective with the 2 acres you already have. Diligence brings its own reward. Success breeds success.It only LOOKS like greener grass on the other side.

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Looking For Greener Grass?

I see it all the time in sales organizations.

Guys who aren’t doing too well complain about their territory. It’s either too small or too spread out or too something that’s not good. Upon deeper investigation, you usually discover that there is plenty of overlooked opportunity there. Maybe all the low hanging fruit has been picked or fallen to the ground for a competitor to snatch up, but there is terrific potential still there in many cases.

Back in the ‘70’s when I was enjoying competing head to head with Xerox, I noticed that they had a high turnover in sales reps in my territory. While I wanted to believe I was demoralizing the competition (and I think I was), the fact is that Xerox would regularly shake up the territories by moving sales reps around from one territory to another. That way the guy working a given territory always saw things from a fresh perspective and would typically see the potential.

Flawed Philosophy

Now, I believe their philosophy was flawed because business at its core is first of relational. Then it’s transactional. Business relationships would just begin to form and gel between the Xerox rep and a prospect when suddenly he disappeared from sight and there was a new guy on the scene. Don’t think I didn’t seize the opportunities that presented.

To their credit Xerox was a top-flight sales organization that recognized the nearly universal tendency for people to believe they could find greener grass on the other side, so they would allow their reps to continuously migrate to what looked like greener grass. However, I was given one territory and told to work it continuously. Because I was hemmed in, in one defined territory, I was constantly looking for the fallow ground I could plant seed in and cultivate to fruition.

The net result for me and the company I served was massive unprecedented growth and the dethroning of Xerox as the number one copier supplier in the country! I simply worked my field diligently and it produced greener grass for me and my family. I have an audio coaching program (Selling Among Wolves) that I WILL GIVE YOU if you help me make this blog well known. I normally sell it for $147. Learn how here…