Four Questions Peter Daniels Says We All Should Wrestle With

In my recent interview with Peter Daniels, he closed out our time together by asking four questions he asks audiences everywhere. I’ve been asked to transcribe those four questions so you could read them and ponder their significance.

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Peter Daniels told me that once you start trying to answer these questions, they will expand. The whole point of the exercise is for you to wrestle with the questions, wrestle with yourself and even wrestle with God as Jacob did.

In my book Rainforest Strategy – The Planet’s Most Successful Business Model, I identified 7 areas of life I felt important for all of us to consider setting goals for and I would like to suggest you apply Peter Daniels’ questions to each of these seven areas of life. They form an acrostic that to me suggests how we should live our life. Here are the 7 areas…

Rainforest StrategyWork: Professional / Entrepreneurial dreams

Others: Relationships that matter (family, friends, peers, etc.)

Resources: Tangible assets of any kind (your home, reserves, etc.)

Spiritual walk: Our relationship with the Lord

Health: Our physical well being

Intellect: Education – The knowledge and wisdom you acquire through study

Personal: Recreation, rejuvenation, vacation, etc., to enjoy life along the way.

Now, here are Peter Daniels famous four questions you can apply to each of these areas or if you prefer to any other areas you choose to identify. I warn you though; this is not a 15-minute exercise. You may well apply yourself to these four questions for an entire weekend and not be done, but taking the time to do so will change the course of the rest of your life. Here goes…

1. What age have you set for yourself to reach your full potential that God might maximize your life?

2. Could you tell me in 50 pages or more what your full potential is in every area of your life?

3. Accepting that your full potential is 100%, what percentage rating would you give yourself right now?

4. Accepting the deficiency between the two scores, what plans are you going to make to make up the shortfall and when?

Until next time, Be fruitful and multiply!