Blood moons, shemitas & earthquakes: Separating fact from fiction

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There’s a rampant fear growing on the Internet and this time, the church is one of the biggest purveyors of it. Instead of appealing to the flesh, it appeals to our fears, creating a fear-based way of living that renders its victims impotent as God’s agents of change and messengers of hope in the world.

I do not wish to impugn the character of those offering survival foods and alternative medicines through their ministries. Having an emergency supply of food and alternative medical supplies at the ready is a reasonable practice. I do however wish to challenge their judgment.

Just this week, I heard one prominent purveyor declare that World War 3 is already under way. “They just haven’t declared it yet!” C’mon people! Wake up! When WWIII breaks out, you won’t need a TV preacher to tell you. Most likely he won’t be broadcasting for a while, if you get my meaning!

Let me back up a bit…

We are in another tetrad (series of 4 consecutive blood moons). It’s about the 8th one since the time of Christ on earth. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that a tetrad is a sign of anything. For a full treatment of this subject, please read my blog from May 2014, Four Blood Moons – What Nobody is Talking About.

Full Red Moon With Reflection

What irks me the most about some of my esteemed brothers in Christ is their apparent disregard for accuracy. Anyone can make a mistake and I am certainly open to correction, but 7 of the 8 recorded tetrads in the last 2000 years either had no known historical event affecting the Jewish people, or as in the case of the Spanish expulsion (1492) and the formation of the Jewish state (1948), were tetrads that came 1 -2 years AFTER the event it was allegedly warning about!

But the insanity continues.

Some cite the Antonine plague that made its appearance in 166 AD about three years after the most recent tetrad in 162 – 163. However, besides being a three-year delay, it decimated the Roman Empire primarily. Supposedly the blood moons are to indicate a judgment on the Jewish folks, not the heathen.

The other blood moon occurrences have no meaningful connection to Jewish history, but yet some expositors site things like the Vatican being attacked in 842 – 843 AD. Again… the Vatican is not Jewish. Pick any year in the last 2000 years and you can find some piece of history that occurred in that year. Stuff happens every year folks!

Recently one nice gentleman pastoring a church posted a YouTube video explaining that the first Ebola patient to die in the US, first began exhibiting symptoms on Rosh Hashanah 2014. Never mind the fact that the outbreak occurred more than a year prior to that. Never mind the fact that he contracted the disease at least a week earlier.

Ebola virus

His symptoms became apparent on Rosh Hashanah… The inference was that we could be overrun with Ebola because his symptoms appearing on September 25th were a dire warning. That same, now popular preacher turned blood moon author, showed on his chart an expected cumulative total of 1.4 million Ebola cases to happen by the 20th of this month. Admittedly, he was citing other sources, but it was still promoting a fearful expectation. I take him to be a sincere man of God but the effect is the same.

The next day to be very afraid is the solar eclipse on March 20th…???

Solar Eclips

Never mind the fact that solar eclipses occur on average 2.4 times per year. This one should make you very afraid. Why? Because another author rushed his book to the press and on TV and Internet said, “this” “could be” “really significant” because it happens during a tetrad. Ignoring the fact that solar eclipses ALWAYS occur during, before and after tetrads.

That brings me to the newest reason to be afraid out there. It’s called the shemitah or Sabbath year. As I watched one shemitah expert proclaim, “Every 7 years, there is an economic crash of sorts”. He cites 2001 and 2008 in particular but goes on to reference other dates like 1994 and 1987. Because 2001 and 2008 experienced significant downturns, I wanted to learn more. 1994 was minor and the crash of 1987 occurred October 19th, actually missing the shemitah year by a few weeks.

Stock Market Crash

He showed a chart of the Dow Jones with markers every seven years. But he didn’t allow enough time to actually study the chart so I found one for the last 100 years and examined it closely myself. Guess what? If you were to short the market based on the seven year crash theory, every seven years since 1916 / 1917, you could have made money 7 times, and would have certainly lost money 7 times, and maybe broke even once. However, you would have also missed several other notable downturns that occurred in non-shemitah years. They just don’t happen every 7 years as implied.

We won’t even discuss the fact that the Hebrew year begins in the Spring, not the Fall as is crystal clear in Exodus 12:2. Don’t weary me with the lame notion that there are things like the school year and the fiscal year and your birth year, so therefore the real new year begins legitimately in the fall. Right. And Jesus was born on December 25th. Not!

So, will the market crash in 2015?

If it does, and it very well might, some purveyors of fear will say “I told you so”. If it doesn’t, they will say, “I only said it could happen.” May I suggest you build your life on something much more solid than fear? Let’s build our future on a premise of victory, despite the turmoil that will naturally unfold in the coming years.

Let me hit one more thing please… EARTHQUAKES!

Christchurch Earthquake - Cranmer Square Building Collapses

This week, I saw what appeared to be a genuinely sincere (rather young) brother on Christian TV quoting the stats of earthquakes up dramatically since the ‘70’s. It was quite a startling statistic. Nearly 114,000 earthquakes in 2014 compared to a supposedly low number of just 2 – 4,000 per year in the ‘70’s. If you’re in to fear, you would have really liked it. It was this huge increase in earthquakes that he claimed was proof enough that the end was near.

Now hold on Nellie…

First of all, back in the sixties, Japan registered 600,000 earthquakes in an 18 month period. That was just Japan! Surges in earthquakes happen. Let’s look at smaller earthquakes, (6.9 or less) and then the stronger earthquakes (7.0 or larger). The number of smaller earthquakes being recorded annually appears to be significantly higher in recent years for two major reasons. The first is fracking. According to scientists, more than 2500 earthquakes have occurred due to fracking, over the last five years, in Oklahoma alone. But really, that’s insignificant. They were very small quakes.

The second one is the dramatic increase of earthquake measuring devices being installed around the world. Back in the ‘70’s, there were a fraction of measuring devices compared to today. Now we are measuring smaller and smaller quakes in more and more places.

But the big ones, don’t need a measuring device to gain attention. Based on observations since 1900, there have been an average of 16 major earthquakes per year (7.0 or larger) somewhere on the planet. In 2013, that grew to 19, but in 2014, it was only 12. That’s a one third DROP from the previous year and 25% below the average!

Jesus said, “For nations will rise against nations, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places.” (Matthew 24:7) Please note that Jesus DID NOT say there would be an increase in the number or the intensity of earthquakes as many prophetic teachers are heralding today. Those things are the beginning of sorrows (verse 8) and have been happening throughout the ages. In and of themselves, they are not indicative of the imminent return of Christ.

Look, stuff is going to hit the fan.

It always does. And yes, there are cycles of war, cycles of weather and economic cycles, etc. That is indisputable. Our job is not to peddle the fear, but rather be a voice of authority, speaking the truth and bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We need more sons of Issachar who understand the times and know what to do!

As the body of Christ, we look ridiculous to the world when we peddle our brand of fear, wrapped in “out of context” or “misquoted” Scriptures. Can we this year, in 2015, get on the ball, tune out the purveyors of fear and spend time really getting to know the Lord and making Him known. He is coming back. I don’t know when and it could be soon. All the more reason to truly know Him and make Him known.

If you know Him, you will do exploits and greater works than He did. All we seem to be able to do is magnify the devil’s exploits and message and then store up dried food. The world needs real answers. Real healing. Real hope. Real victory. Not fear. Let’s give it to them!

Skyline of the Old City at he Western Wall and Temple Mount in J

By the way, we are planning our trip to Israel to be there for Passover and the Resurrection celebration. Yes, it will be during the blood moon, and it will be incredible. We call it the Recover All 2015 Tour. It’s a customized travel schedule that visits the locations of some of the greatest comebacks and recoveries in Bible history. Want to know more? Drop us an email at